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This is a Hawaiian Wedding Shirt shown with a pink sash. Usually the sash will match the main color in the bridal bouquet. It is worn with white pants and shoes which you can bring. If you do not have white pants and shoes they are available for rental.The shirt has a 3/4 sleeve with a lace inlay in the cuff and yolk. It can be worn on the outside of your pants with no sash if you prefer. It comes in Small, Medium, Large, XLarge and XXLarge. You can rent the whole outfit for $75 which includes white pants and shoes with the shirt and sash. If you prefer you can just rent the shirt for $35.00 or buy the shirt for $55.00.This mens wear is perfect when the bride is wearing a less formal dress such as a white sundress.


A loose, seamed, fitted dress with a yoke and usually with a train, patterned after the Mother Hubbards of the missionaries. Also seen Not yoked, and without a train. The word Holoku is from the Hawaiian word for cloak or mantle.

Brides in Hawaii usually have their Holoku made out of white satin, silk, or cotton, and the bridesmaids wear the colors such as red, green, yellow, and blue. The bridesmaids dresses are usually without a train. There is one bridal shop on Maui that carries a couple of designs.

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